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Best gaming keyboard under 100$

Bruce Markov
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Are you looking for the best gaming keyboard under 100$? The market is flooded with cheap keyboards that often times break easily, are of poor quality and of little to no comfort. I have researched a lot of keyboards and have come up with a list of things that a keyboard should be like. I will go over each key on the list one by one and explain why they are important.


Rubber dome keybeds provide a firm and consistent feel to your keyboard. Rubber dome shaped keyboards are extremely durable and comfortable. They can take a lot of abuse and still provide that signature smoothness. The two types of rubber dome shaped keyboards are textured and seamless.


When looking for a gaming keyboard, it is always best to find a brand that is well known and popular. A popular brand will provide a high quality product at a reasonable price. Logitech is probably the most well known and trusted brand. They offer a multitude of switches, macro and programming software and different key layouts. Each of these options has their place on a gaming keyboard and the type of switch will depend on what you expect from your gaming experience.


Steelseries is another company that has a lot to offer. Steelseries uses advanced technology to create their boards and give them professional appeal. Steelseries keyboards are available in all price ranges so there is something for every budget. From an ultra cheap keyboard with plastic keybeats up to very high end professional looking boards with laser engraved lettering and high-gloss UV coating.


A Steelseries k MSI (best gaming keyboard under 100 $) keyboard might not be as flashy as a Logitech k Hyperion (best gaming keyboard under 100 $) but it still looks nice and has a strong build. The keyboard has a nice weight and feels substantial when typing. There are some cheaper keyboards that use plastic or low quality switches and are very thin and don't hold a good feel, but the Steelseries k are made of top-notch materials and will last longer than most. One feature of the Steelseries a series that differentiates them is that they have a wrist rest, which can be removed and changed for a more ergonomic fit.


Right about now you might be thinking that I would recommend a Steelseries a series keyboard but I am going to give an edge to the Razer blackwidow Ultimate because of the features it offers. First off the Razer blackwidow Ultimate has a laser cut laser engraved full backlit keys with 5 extra keys for lightness, macro functionality, and programming. It also has the ability to program two profiles at once, which allows you to change between them at any given moment without taking your fingers off the keyboard. This is a very handy feature. Now, let's talk about the Steesleries s 101 gaming keyboard that comes with the Steesleries s 101 optical mouse.


As you might know, many gaming keyboard companies have their own line of optical mice, and those are quite affordable as well. However, if you're looking for a multimedia keys and a quality-built keyboard with a rubber wrist rest, then you should really take a look at the Steesleries 101 gaming keyboard because it offers everything you need for a quality gaming keyboard under a hundred dollars. It has multimedia keys, macro function, and programming support. It also has five standard keys which you can configure according to what your needs are. All of this can come in at under a hundred dollars! What other product offers all of this at such a reasonable price?


If you're looking for a great keyboard, a Steesleries 101 optical gaming keyboard is where you should head. Its name and price point speak for itself. Make sure that you check out a few different online stores before making your final purchase decision, so you don't end up paying more than you should for a gaming comfort product. Once you get your Steesleries 101 optical mouse, you'll never go back to standard gaming comfort ever again.

best gaming keyboard under 100

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