Other-M #1

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Written by Ian Flynn; Cover by Ian Potto
Illustrated by Ian Flynn (Pages 1-5), John T. Fell (Pages 6-14), NoOman (Pages 15-21)
Colors by Ian Flynn

Loosely adapted from the Alice in Wonderland books, Other-M starts off in the universe of the Saturday morning cartoon (satAM). An average day of infiltrating Dr. Robotnik’s base in Robotropolis causes our hero to come into a trap that sends him into an alternate universe. Here, Sonic notices everything is different, and his stature as a leader and hero is undermine by the perception that Sonic is a lazy good-for-nothing and slacker of the Freedom Fighters. Other-M takes another nod at Alice in Wonderland by having one reality set in color and another in black-and-white. However, unlike Alice in Wonderland, Sonic’s true reality is set in color while the world of Other-M is in black and white.

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Ian Flynn

Ian Flynn

About the author

Originally a fan writer for one of the most popular online Sonic fancomics of the early 2000s, Ian Flynn (otherwise known by his pen-name, Ian the Potto / Ian Potto) is the face behind all majorly published Sonic the Hedgehog stories over the last decade. Introduced during the Archie Comic series to replace renown longtime writer, Ken Penders, Ian Flynn has gone on to compose stories for various other comic series including the short-lived Mega-Man series and the new Archie space themed series, Cosmo. With the rights for Sonic the Hedgehog brought over to IDW Publishing, Ian Flynn continues the legacy of being the main voice behind the comic chronicles of the blue blur and stands to be one of the most important figures in the Sonic comic fandom.