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Yes, I Read Sonic Fancomics

Strut your stuff anywhere you go and make a bold statement with “Yes, I Read sonic Fancomics” emblazoned on your t-shirt! SonicVerse Team hosts the greatest fancomics of the SEGA icon, and with so many different series, stories and fan theories of your favorite characters, this t-shirt represents the immersive experience of these incredible fancomics provided by all the highly talented artists and writers hosted on SonicVerse Team.


The Best Sonic Fancomics Since 1999


SonicVerse Team: Imagine a time of the internet before the age of Google. Before Facebook. Back when video streaming was pixelated at best and showcased brilliantly on the Newgrounds website. Even before the days of Myspace – this was the age of fan sites. SonicVerse Team was the only source for the greatest collection of Sonic fancomics. Twenty years later, we’re finally back and our aim is to once again be the place for the collaboration of art and literature for the most way-past cool blue hedgehog.